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We can offer you individual solutions or solutions for you and your family, depending on your situation, your nationality, and the part of the world where you will be staying or travelling. 
We have identified three major types of situation requiring hospitalisation insurance and have drafted a specific questionnaire for such situations, but do not hesitate to contact us should you have any complementary or different requests.  
All hospitalisation insurance includes repatriation coverage, but we have also left you the option of subscribing independently to a specific policy that complements this coverage, as well as one to complement hospital benefits. 

Under the “Policy” tab you can find the various possible offers both for the various types of medical coverage as well as the geographical areas covered either separately or together, as well as their respective pricing. 

This section is reserved for the permanent residents of one particular country, and a regional coverage zone is determined accordingly. The idea is to cover personal injury in the country of residence, including expatriation to another country or relocation within that same country as may be necessary. This could include residents living abroad long term or individuals seeking to optimise their current coverage in their own country. 
Frequent Flyers 
This covers people who spend extends periods of time travelling and, due to the nature, frequency or length of their trips may not be able to secure the necessary coverage at home. This also requires the definition of a geographical region of coverage.  
This coverage is aimed at people, regardless of their country of origin and residence, who need personal injury protection as an expatriate for set periods of time. The insurance policy will, as such, be based on the length of the mission or trip abroad. It is thus necessary establish a place of residence for a fixed amount of time, while not ruling out travel outside of the country for limited periods of time. 
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