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Each of our partner companies has different policies, but we search for those best suited to your needs and on the basis of the three main profiles we have defined for personal injury insurance (hospitalisation and others) as well as according to the balance you choose between the best price and the best protection.

Geographical Zones

In a general sense, the choice of geographical zones of coverage is unlimited worldwide, it is simply necessary to choose whether or not to include the USA, which has a significant impact on the cost of policies. It is also possible to reduce the coverage zone to simply Africa or Latin America. Special rates are also available if the country of residence is a European country in which the policy holder already has some form of insurance.


Hospitalisation is the basic policy that can be taken out on an unlimited basis or on the basis of a maximum threshold. According to the formula chosen, different costs might be covered by variable rates (e.g. accompaniment coverage). In general, the definition of hospitalisation starts at the level of one day clinic. It is necessary to refer to the general conditions in order to determine which policies have been subscribed to. Please note that for some policies companies require prior agreement.

Outpatient Care

This includes ambulatory or outpatient treatment, medical checkups, specialised consultations, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, etc. on the basis of a maximum threshold or a percentage on the basis of the formula selected. This policy is often proposed with or without exemption, which will naturally impact the cost of the policy.


Depending on the company, this policy is either optional or included in the hospitalisation policy. In any case, it will be subject to a nine or ten month delay.

Dental Care

Depending on the company, policies can vary significantly, and can be optional or part of an all inclusive package deal including hospitalisation.


Repatriation is generally included in hospitalisation policies, but can be optional depending on the company or the constitution of the policy. Repatriation is undertaken when the necessary treatment is not available locally. It is never considered a given, and is dependent on a case-by-case medical decision. We recommend that you include repatriation in your policy when it is provided as an option, or take out a separate repatriation policy if it is not available as a part of your hospitalisation policy.

All In

Depending on the manner in which you responded to the questionnaire, it is possible that you have been proposed an all in coverage, including several of the policies outlined above in the same contract.


In the same manner that various forms of coverage can be taken out for repatriation, we also proposes various different forms of assistance and coverage for short term stays, on a yearly basis, or specifically for expatriates.

Pre-existing conditions

Subject to agreement by the companies on the basis of a medical record, it can be possible to provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions either through an increased premium or on the basis of specific contracts in the event that no treatment will be necessary within the first 24 months of adoption of the contract. In any event, a pre-existing medical condition must be duly noted in order to be appropriately considered and covered.

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